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Since purchasing the intellectual property from PJ Hare Presses last year, we have grown considerably as a press servicing, support and now manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic presses.

OSA Systems have worked throughout lockdown, supporting our customers to keep production going in the most challenging circumstances.

Our expertise ranges from Hare Press specialist engineers, automation specialists in house, fully supported workshops and extensive spares and parts support.

We can offer:

  • Full spares and parts for all of the Hare Press range using the original drawings, with a team to support you.
  • Complete service packages over 1-3 years
  • Preventative maintenance of machines with thermal imaging, oil testing, load cell testing and light screen testing.
  • Complete refurbishment of presses.
  • Full light screen upgrade (with PLC), including new CE marking, Declaration of conformity, revised electrical drawings linked to original manufacturing of the machine
  • New machine builds including a full suite of presses from 1.5 ton upwards.
  • Working with our sister company One Stop Automation Ltd, we can fully automate production lines and machine development.

Our experience

Our engineers are experienced and skilled with a wide range of press types including servo-hydraulic and hydro-pneumatic presses.

With our experience at One Stop, we are in a unique position to offer press, automation and production results, so being your ‘One Stop Solution’.

As we move forward together towards new opportunities and innovations, we offer a  ‘One Stop Solution’ to manage your needs.

New Apprenticeship programme for Engineering Operatives

MMMA working with One Stop Consulting and Activate have developed a level 2 Apprenticeship programme. For further information click on our training page.

Please get in touch to discuss your individual requirements 01993 220263