One Stop Partners

One Stop Systems is a new Macrodyne Sales Agent

We are pleased to announce we are working with Macrodyne Technologies Inc., the largest hydraulic press manufacturer in North America.

Macrodyne has established a worldwide reputation for quality innovation, and value in the supply of hydraulic presses, press line automation, and die-handling equipment in complex industries like automotive, aviation, oil and gas, and pulp and paper, to mention a few.

220 Ton Forming Presses
1500 Ton Metal Forming Press
Press line for Suspension Control Arms

Press capacities go up to 30,000 tons and the company and the list of Macrodyne’s Hydraulic Press offerings is truly impressive:

General Metalforming Presses
Battery Presses
Blanking & Punching Presses
Bulge Forming Presses
Closed Die Forging Presses
Coining Presses
Cold Forging Presses
Cold Forming Presses
Compaction Presses
Compression Molding Presses (SMC)
Deep Draw Presses
Dishing Presses
Elastoforming Presses
Electric Vehicle Presses
Embossing Presses
Extrusion Presses
Heated Platen Presses
Hot Forging Presses
Hot Stamping Presses
Hydroforming Presses
Mold & Trim Presses
Open Die Forging Presses
Pulp Baling Presses
Ram Extrusion Presses
Refractory Brick Presses
Research Presses
RTM, RIM , RRIM & SRIM Presses
Servo-Hydraulic Presses
Special Application Presses
Spotting & Try-Out Presses
Straightening Presses

Please contact the One Stop team to discuss your requirements