One Stop Systems – Your Solution Provider

The One Stop team is dedicated to delivering defined value to our client base and meeting the challenges that represent the unmet needs of the industry. This has driven our ‘Solution Provider’ strategy so we can provide a Factory Smart Press surrounded by the latest Automation and technology which we manage and deliver as a turn key solution.

Working alongside our sister company One Stop Automation we have the benefit of over 20 years of experience in Automation across the leading vendor platforms.

This enables One Stop Systems to seamlessly integrate into your existing manufacturing infrastructure in a compliant, safe and futureproof way, ensuring quality and ROI is provided.

Feasibility studies are offered and managed so we build on the ideas with our clients in a collaborative way. Concepts with theory and practical development help to de-risk, manage cost and accelerate time to market.

CASE Study: 25MC remanufactured with infeed

One Stop Systems have the capability and innovative technology that enables old HARE presses to be remanufactured to compete in an increasingly competitive market in a sustainable way.

Remanufactured presses offer the latest Factory Smart technology, Scalable Automation, Compliant Safety embedded, Hydac hydraulics and Efficient motion and drive options.

This ultimate recycling of the original quality inspected HARE press frame provides a fresh machine with increased and measurable energy savings, productivity and scope for add on technology and integration for our customers whilst retaining the HARE Press heritage.

Built to One Stop Systems exacting standards we lead the way in the press solution sector and are proud to boast the Made in Britain logo on our presses..

CASE Study: Introduction of our new range of hydro-pneumatic presses (1.5T to 5T)

The RC150 and the larger RC300.

One Stop Systems identified an area of press development to replace the old AM150 and AM300 as very popular press range in the market.

New enhancements include:

  • Updated hydraulics
  • New Ram design
  • New compliant safety features
  • Improved reliability
  • Full electric variant

Please contact the team at One Stop Systems for further details.

CASE Study: 100SV C Frame Energy Efficient Servo Press

Features include:

  • 100 Ton capacity
  • Light screen control guarding
  • Press cycle can be initiated by the light screen guard (single/double brake)
  • Full digital position control
  • Servo Motor and Drive technology
  • Increased efficiency and low noise
  • Blank (snap through) damping
  • Robust frame design with excellent ram guidance
  • Hard chromed ram with high quality seal system
  • PLC and Human Machine Interface (HMI) on a swing arm